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Chevy silverado radio no sound

By | 10.10.2020

Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Joined Jan 15, The door speakers in my chevy silverado quit working, and sometimes if you killed the truck out, when you crunk it back up they would start working again, and they would either stop working going down the road, or when you killed the truck out and crunk it again.

Any ideas what the problem is and how to fix it??? Thanks for your time, Zak. Joined Dec 31, My driver side door speaker does the same thing. Let me know if you find anything out. Joined Aug 28, Three of my door speakers already crapped out on my ' They were all replaced under warranty. I never crank the radio too loud either, I just chalked it up to really inferior speakers.

I asked the guy at the dealership why they all went bad and he just looked down at the paper he handed me and read off "internal open circuit". Joined Jan 4, I picked up my on a thursday and on saturday went to best buy and had them throw in an Alpine Head unit and some Alpine Speakers.

They gave me free install as they were running a special if you buy a head unit and speakers they gave me a Free install. Soooooooooooo happy I ordered my vehicle without a stereo it came with crappy gm speakers in the doors and opted for after market alpine system.

Radio Not Working Properly

Join the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. Recommended Reading. Read More. Stereo Shop installation Ok, the stereo shop I went to today has the head unit I've been wanting. But this is what gets me, they want an extra They say that covers most of the parts they need to put in there as well I'm a moderator on another forum so I know how annoying it is for someone to ask a question that has been asked a thousand times.

But anyway, the cigarette lighter stopped Ok, I put a new dash unit in my Suburban, and I do not have any sound from the rear center speakers, and only a very high pitch audio coming out from the very rear speakers I did continuity from the OEM stereo harness and get full continuity could also get that if there is a short when I Can someone tell me if there is a list for compatible map DVDs for the nav units?The radio just stopped working in August of this year. It comes on and off. But not completely off.

That is ; the speakers go way down like a small muffled sound. But you can raise the volume on the muffled sound. Its as if, I barely have any volume on all speakers. When I raise the volume, all the way, you can tell that it is at full volume but the sound coming out is so low, you can barely make it out. Could just be a short? I've seen this type of problem many times on this site for this radio. If anyone comes up with the fixplease let me know.

Problem with all door speakers on my Chevrolet Silverado 5. Not sure if the root cause is the radio or the speakers. Initially when the truck is started the radio only has high end. We drive for 5 to 10 miles then all of a sudden the radio starts working normally.

Usually within a few miles of home. I removed the radio and checked the connections. All seemed normal. No corrosion or cut wires. It also does this when I connect my IPod to the Aux connection. The sound I get sounds like someone pinching their nose and speaking, and holding their fingers into their ears. Whatsup with that??? If you have a for-profit service, contact us.

Most Common Solutions: not sure 4 reports replace all the factory speakers 1 reports. Find something helpful?

chevy silverado radio no sound

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Door speakers quit working? ideas?? 2008 Silverado

Log in. Trending Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. Radio in my Silverado doesn't put out sound anymore Thread starter Jugernot Start date Aug 19, Sidebar Sidebar. Forums Social The Garage.

JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Status Not open for further replies. Previous Next. Jugernot Diamond Member. Oct 12, 6, 0 0. I have a Chevy Silverado with factory 6 disc in dash changer which no longer works and bose speakers and it no longer puts out any sound. I get no radio, door dings or Onstar as everything runs through the radio I can however plug headphones into the rear seat jacks and get radio, so that works, just not sound through the speakers.

I've turned the speakers all the way up listening for a hiss or static and hear nothing. That make me tend to think it would be the amp that has gone out. This is a Bose setup, so the amp is seperate Anyway I can test the amp to see if it's the issue, I have access to it under my center console.

Aug 20, 8, First step is check the fuse panel for any blown fuses that may say Radio or Amp on them. Seeing as how I get power to the radio and get audio through the headphone jacks in the back seat, I'd assume the headunit is good. I'll check for the amp Both fuses are good and I can visually verify the headunit is getting power it lights, up, etc. Anyone know a way I can verify function of the amp? LTC8K6 Lifer. Mar 10, 28, 1, LTC8K6, is that the wiring for the head unit or amp?Gain extra benefits by becoming a Supporting Member Click here find out how!

Send Private Topic View Profile. Execution time: 0. All times are GMT Pacific. Current time is PM Top. Attach Photos to Posts. Contact Us. My Cookies. Frequently Asked Questions. Forum Rules. But no sound. Any ideas??? If it's a Suburban, do you have the rear passenger door speaker option?

Would have very obvious "pods" on the door panels with a speaker grille. I used to tap on the dash to get it to work if that makes a difference.

Radio in my Silverado doesn't put out sound anymore...

It started one day when I hit a bump. I lost the front then the back sound. I have a tool set. Have changed Heater Core before on truck. I had assumed it was because of your post in the other message about unhooking the stock radio. The stock radio is a couple of different pieces hooked together; I'll break it down: The actual radio "brain" is a silver box under the dash, pretty much right above your foot when it's resting on the gas pedal. What puzzles me is when you say tapping on the dash would make it work.

The brain being deep down under the dash, I don't think anything short of a dash-cracking whack would affect it, so you may have a problem with something inside of the control face. At minimum, you should try disconnecting the harnesses from the brain, shooting a little contact cleaner in them, and plugging them back in. What is the simplist way to get to the cables to clean connectors?

Take the radio out, underneath or remove dash? I don't really expect it to fix anything, but it's worth a try. Failing that, you could try getting another radio control face out of a junkyard and see if it helps - if they'll sell you one cheap.

Heck if they'll sell it cheap you might as well get the brain, too. But that was in 91 or Anyhow, quit busting up your dash!! The connectors don't usually go bad. Take out the brain, or main part of the radio.

Chevy aftermarket stereo no sound..

Take the covers off of them. You probably have what is called cold solder. The audio chip in there has pretty large pins on it. Eventually the solder cracks and doesn't make an electronic connection anymore.The MyLink radio in my truck comes on sometimes and sometimes it does not It is so annoying to be driving and the station or song changes constantly. It doesn't even go to presets so I am listening to static all the time.

I turn in the lease next month so I am just dealing with it. It would probably take 19 hours to fix at the dealership and they probably could not replicate it because it happens randomly and only when you are driving.

I have a Silverado purchased in December. Works perfectly fine when vehicle is stopped or not moving. The faster it goes, the worse it gets. The vehicle sent to a GM dealer. Dealer called technical assistance and they were told the radio is working "normal" and "as specified", which is a JOKE. The dealer was flabbergasted at GM's response.

I have filed an official complaint with GM. If you have a for-profit service, contact us. Most Common Solutions: not sure 4 reports Get free help with your lemon! Find something helpful?

Spread the word. Share on Facebook Retweet this page Email this page. Helpful websites No one has added a helpful site for this Silverado problem yet. Be the first! Find a good Chevrolet mechanic Read reviews of repair shops in your area.

Enter your zip code: A free service from CarTalk. Send Comment Add Complaint. Search CarComplaints. Not what you are looking for? Search for something else:.My Suburban radio turns on all the dials work including the volume, but I cannot hear anything. It was working when I was in the car and I came home for a few minutes got back in and guess what no sound can I get radio wiring diagrams.

Any ideas? Do you. It sounds like you have an amplifier or head unit radio that has gone out. Here is a guide for you to check the power and ground of the amp. If it checks out then the radio is bad. Do these checks with vehicle running, radio on and amp plugged in. Check for audio at the Rear Seat Audio controls through the head phones. If there is, then the radio is producing audio. Check pin B3 switched 12 volts for 12 volts.

This is a radio output that tells the amp to turn on. It should show 12 volts, if it does not, and then radio B3 pin output is not operating properly.

This could be caused if the radio is not programmed correctly or a circuit concern. Check pin B6 amp mute for 0 volts to 5 volt. If the voltage is between 0 and 1 volt this tells the amp to mute and play. If it shows between 3 and 5 volts this tells the amp to mute and stop playing.

If the above steps indicate that the system should be playing then check for power and grounds to the amplifier and if okay, replace the amplifier. Please follow this diagnostic or repair process thoroughly and complete each step. If the condition exhibited is resolved without completing every step, the remaining steps do not need to be performed.

Please let us know what happens so it will help others. Cheers Images Click to enlarge. Was this answer.

chevy silverado radio no sound

I checked out the wiring diagrams and found the amp is getting power and has a good ground so I think it is good. I used the balance and fader controls to single out each speaker.

Could be a short in one of the speaker wires. Usually when this happens you will just get a static distorted sound but with these newer factory stereos there could be an internal breaker that shuts off the speaker output when a short is detected.

May not be the case but it could not hurt to check it out. I am having this issue. Non of my speakers work and my head phone plugs in the back do not work, not even with the DVD player playing. DVD player plays but get no sound. I checked the radio and hooked a separate speaker to it and it is working. I got an aftermarket CD player and now it is working great. Check the fuse in the under hood fuse panel.

If that is okay these radios have a problem with the internal amplifier going out which will cause the problem you are describing.

You must replace the radio to fix it. On some models they have a speaker reply but for yours it does not seem to have it.The most recently reported issues are listed below. Also please check out the statistics and reliability analysis of Chevrolet Silverado based on all problems reported for the Silverado Upon turning the vehicle on there were no alerts like seat belt warnings, door open, hands free calling, onstar.

Also when shutting vehicle off no alarm to indicate keys are in the ignition. Cannot hear if blinker is on. Nothing comes through the radio. This happens on an intermittent basis. Approximately every several months.

Sometimes it will start the sheets if I shut the vehicle off then start it back up. Today it didn't do that. At this time my truck has approximately 80, miles.

Also on occasion the service electric breaks have indicated an issue as well. See all problems of the Chevrolet Silverado The radio fail to provide audio warning when the key has been left in the ignition and the door is open-door when the driver does not fasten their seat belt ,driver is at greater risk of injury in a crash.

Driver can't hear when the turn signal and radio when dead. Radio quit working and truck would not start took it to dealership they ordered new radio and then later installed it still dident work ordered module for it told them truck was shorting out and would not start and asked them if I should leave it on battery charger over night so it would start in morning they said yes keep doing that until part came in it did and they fixed it a month ago was at mall truck uould not start tried it again still nothing took key out waited couple minutes and it started then seatbelt stuck in door and went through door panel at home depot took it to dealership they said it was a safety issue an could fix the seat belt but not the door because I put black silicone on door to cover hole and now the headliner where you put your sunglasses is falling down worried I bought a lemon but not sure because this is my first new truck and it seems like there's a delay when you let of the gas and it stops giving the engine gas.

Leaking headliner coming in through the 3rd brake light and xm satellite radio. All sound stopped on my truck. Radio, turn signal feedback, etc. It was working at end of day but did not work the following morning.

I searched and found recall but your web site says there are no recalls for my vehicle. It has exact same symptoms as described by that recall. I googled symptom and found where someone had disconnected battery for awhile and that fixed it.

chevy silverado radio no sound

Did for me too but feel the fix in recall should be applied to my truck as well. The mylink and radio keeps going out eean after being replaced.

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